Just like its predecessor Sears and Roebuck, Amazon is definitely in the business of selling houses as well as all the “extras” that go with houses such as tools, insulation, plumbing supplies, electrical systems, etc. During the beginning of May this year, Amazon actually “sold out” a $7,000 house in less than one week.

According to the research firm IBIS World, the prefab and modular housing industry revenue grew at an annualized rate of 8.6% to nearly $10.5B. This $10.5B includes 4.1% growth in 2019 alone!

Just a few of the houses Amazon sells, free delivery included, are…

  • A 292 square foot Lilleville Allwood Getaway Cabin for approximately $19,000
    • The manufacturer claims the house is large enough for a summer home, a home office or a stand-alone retail building and that “by adding utility hookups this cabin can be converted into a residence.”
    • House would need insulation if in a cooler climate
    • Assemble time for 2 adults would be 2-3 days.
  •  A 1,000 square foot Ecohousemart Timber Home for approximately $40,000
    • Modern-style structure of northern spruce “designed as a lounge” with a very flexible interior layout.”
    • The manufacturer says, “An experienced architect could turn the home into a permanent facility,”
  • A 113 square foot Lilleville Escape for approximately $5,000.
    • The manufacturer says the structure is better suited for “a hobby or garden/pool tools and supplies or…a retreat in your backyard.”

Now that Amazon is in the business of selling homes as well as Pill-Pacs and everything else under the sun, RW Sears and Alvah Roebuck would be proud to see that their early 20th century “Wish Book” prototype that sold chickens, cars, cure-alls, insurance via Allstate, stocks via Dean Witter and homes via Coldwell Banker in 1981 has “graduated” to an international marketplace.

By the way, Tim Harris called Amazon’s house-selling business before anyone else ever saw this venture coming.

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