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Brad Inman from INMAN News: “Tim and Julie carry an important message: improve the habits and behavior of real estate agents, so they can better serve their customers. Cheers to that!”

Chris Heller, former CEO of Keller Williams: “There are very few books I would recommend to a real estate salesperson, or any salesperson, but Harris Rules is one of them. The book is loaded with practical, proven processes that. If followed, will enhance your success.”

Heath Moulton, Moulton and Associates, eXp Realty: “Tim and Julie offer great insight and wisdom for any agent wanting to grow their business. They will keep you focused on what makes you money in real estate, while also giving you new ideas and thoughts to help you become more successful. This is why our company has used them as the number one source for real estate coaching and training.”

Herman Sias, realtor/agent with SiasFirst, Business Pro podcast and The Real Estate Bro: “Tim and Julie have transformed the way I look at my business. I will never limit my beliefs and now only focus my attention on being of service to others.”

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