For a recent article for Housingwire, Jessica Guern looked at a recent study by on how much cash in terms of salary consumers need to live in the priciest and least expensive markets in the US. (HSH is a mortgage information resource that offers consumers references to mortgage rates, calendars, calculators and commentary on market trends for both buyers and sellers.)

Lower mortgage rates and slower growing price increases have lowered the salaries necessary to live in median priced homes in most metros from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019. Take a look:

Salaries Needed in Most Expensive Markets

  1. San Jose $237,978.37/year
  2. San Francisco $186,250.55/year
  3. San Diego $124,771.80/year
  4. Los Angeles $112,555.74/year
  5. Boston $103,058.20/year
  6. Seattle $102,576.54/year
  7. New York City $101,006.15/year
  8. Washington DC $91,334.30/year
  9. Denver $89,410.57/year
  10. Portland $82,165.04/year

Salaried Needed in Least Expensive US Markets

  1. Pittsburg $35,799.94/year/year
  2. Oklahoma City $37,928.03/year
  3. Cleveland $39,083.15/year
  4.  Memphis  $39,323.94/year
  5. Louisville  $40,125.23/year

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