More so than at any other time in this changing, increasingly tech-centric real estate industry, customer service is the name of the game for any real estate agent. Create and enhance your customer services based upon value-added, vetted factors and then deliver your services with your own unique insights. And, in all interactions with your clients and potential clients, be consistently outstanding.

Here are some tips for creating, enhancing and delivering your customer services from a recent InmanNews article written by Christopher Totaro with Warburg Realty:

  1. Provide and prepare your clients with information they need in order to be successful in buying/selling their specific property.
    1. Give your clients a completely up-to-date, accurate Comparable Market Analysis.
    2. Present your clients with your pricing strategy based upon your CMA. Be thorough, specific, clear and patient.
    3. Communicate ALL the required steps in any real estate transaction process.
    4. Break down the specific steps and time lines in sequential order involved any transaction process.
    5. Take Denzel Washington’s lead from the film “Philadelphia”…write out and explain the transaction process as you would for a 5-year-old to understand.
    6. Provide your clients with contact information for people they may need to hire along the way such as inspectors, attorneys, accountants, contractors and repair/remodeling experts.
  2. Lean on your network, your “rolodex”, your spheres of influence.
    1. Make sure that ALL the people on your referral lists are tried and true professionals. Why? Because everyone on your referral lists are extensions of you, your brand, your credibility and your trustworthiness.
    2. Make sure that when/if there are any problems around any of the professionals or services you recommend, YOU can rectify those problems.
  3. Make the most of your expertise and unique insights by communicating your expertise and unique perspectives to and with your clients.
    1. Make sure you get feedback from potential buyers after open houses and showings. Refine your home searches based upon that feedback.
    2. Make sure you provide feedback from potential buyers to your sellers after open houses and showings. Sellers are not mind readers. They need to hear from you about potential buyer reactions concerning their property, about pricing, about possible sticking points, etc.
    3. Make sure you communicate the market’s perception of your listing after your agent/broker open house to your seller.
    4. Make sure to communicate and update market data throughout the life of the listing. Sellers need to know about new inventory and/or price cuts that are in direct competition with their listing.

Remember most of all that you, not some algorithm, are the industry expert here with the transactional experience and knowledge to help your clients, both buyers and sellers, be successful in achieving their real estate goals.

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