Your real estate career has several things going for it…there is no upper financial limit to what your business can earn; you are your own boss; and, in theory anyway, you have the flexibility to make your own hours.

On the other hand, one of the vagaries of a real estate career is the financial instability of it…one month, your earnings can put you on top of the world and the next, and perhaps the months after that, your earnings can be sparse, if at all.

Monica Beheri, an agent with REAL New York, has some tips to help you make your financial earnings more stable. She shared those tips in a recent article she wrote for Inman News. 

  1. Be systematically and consistently organized.
    1. Make a daily to-do list, input those to-dos into your Google calendar and do those to-do’s, all of them, every day.
    2. Organize your leads preferably every two weeks or least every month.
      1. Color-code those leads based upon priorities.
      2. Regularly, go back to leads who were not in a rush to move…eventually they will be in a rush to move so if you’re consistently in touch with those leads, they’ll be reminded by you to buy/sell/move with your help.
    3. Provide consistent, pre-eminent service, incentivize and show gratitude to and for your clients/leads.
      1. Your pre-eminent, consistent service will encourage your clients/leads to refer their friends and family to you.
      2. Stay in consistent touch with your clients post-closing.
      3. Buy your clients a gift/service post-closing.
      4. Give your clients referral incentives such as a $100 American Express gift card.
    4. Be consistently active on social media.
      1. Be consistent with your brand.
      2. Make your brand and account consistent with your personality, lifestyle and expertise.
      3. Post client reviews.
      4. Post hot listings, articles you’ve written, and local real estate news on your blogs and Instagram
      5. Create an engaging You Tube account.
    5. Network regularly and consistently.
      1. No one can have too many friends or too many clients.
      2. Meet three new people daily and then cultivate them.
      3. Attend networking events and meetings.
    6. Maximize each season and market to it.
      1. The more ads you have, the more leads you’ll generate.
      2. Show clients comparables.
      3. Use Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, July 4th, fashion shows for 50+, back-to-school days, holidays, etc. to you advantage with creative events and celebrations
    7. Reach out to sellers and property managers
      1. Be the first to contact owners of FSBO and Expired listings
      2. Show those sellers and property managers how you can sell their properties faster.
    8. “Be your craft.”
      1. Be completely fluent in up-to-date real estate news and become a forever student of local real estate happenings. Know that knowledge is power.
      2. When speaking with clients and leads, provide value.
      3. Be your self, be value-added, be motivated, be energetic, be positive, be well organized, etc. so your clients/leads know you have the expertise and interest to effectively help them.

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