On top of its recently announced count of 20,000 agents, eXpRealty has expanded to the United Kingdom and Australia. Additionally, eXp is now open for business in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

This cloud real estate brokerage will continue its international expansion outside of North America as it looks to rooting in Newfoundland, Quebec and Nova Scotia throughout this summer.

Two highly experienced real estate professionals are heading up eXpRealty’s efforts in the United Kingdom and Australia:

  • Adam Day, International Expansion Leader in the UK has more than 22 years of experience in the real estate industry, launched one of the first online real estate agencies in the UK and led that agency through its acquisition by a highly successful property business in the UK.
  • Stephen Lea, International Expansion Leader in Australia, has more than 20 years within the real estate industry and has established and developed real estate franchises in Australia that have become the biggest within the country’s real estate sector.

Jason Gesing, executive vice president of business development with eXp, said about the brokerage’s latest expansion, “We look forward to our cloud campus being populated by real estate professionals from around the globe as they conduct business, collaborate with each other and develop meaningful personal and professional relationships across borders and cultures.”

eXpRealty is a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, Inc. The company also owns eXp World Technologies that operates its VrBELA platform. This cloud-based platform focuses on education and team development with clients, teams and individuals operating in various industries. VrBELA developed eXpRealty’s cloud campus that provides collaborative tools, training and socialization to its +20,000 real estate professionals on the basis of 24/7 access.

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