How limited is your business? Is it limited by types of people you’ll work with? Personality styles that you ‘mesh with’? Is it limited by the zip codes or MLS area codes you’re familiar with? Is it limited by types of transactions you’re able to handle? Residential, Commercial, leases, lots, land, etc.?

Today’s topic is inspired by the listener email below:

“Hello Julie,

I’ve been trying to get on the coaching call for a couple days to thank you in person, but I haven’t had the chance to do it.

I’m a new agent and I just payed for my second month of coaching; during that time I’ve come to terms that I was unnecessarily stubborn out of ignorance -thank you and Tim for opening my eyes; but this is not what I want to thank you for…

About a week ago, one of my friends working for a large group of RE investors came to me asking for “Opportunity Zone” commercial inventory in Miami, his group is ready to move quickly and all cash.

If I had not been listening to you or Tim, I would had probably say “I’m not familiar with commercial” or some other dumb excuse, but for two months now I had been working on my expired residential business model, it’s getting there slowly, but my confidence talking to sellers has increased tremendously.

So the next day, rather than call residential expired listings, I decided to called expired commercial listings. No kidding, the second call I made, I came across a for sale by owner, so I decided to go for it and use the FSBO script.

By the end of the call I had not only scheduled a listing appointment with him, but he also said he was bringing his neighbor who he has been try to sell as well.

I received $15m++ dollar worth of listing last night in my inbox –

Who would of had thought my first ever listing would not be one, but two listings totaling such amount!!
Things seems to going well – when this closes, I will be flying to Austin TX to see my mom and buying you a nice dinner!

Thank you Tim and Julie”

– A Dedicated Listener

Adopt the script: ‘Yes, it would be my pleasure to help you with that!’

  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Ask about the prospect’s situation; their time frame and motivation.
  • Be open to learning new practices.
  • Versatile agents make the most money because they help the most people in varied situations.
  • If you find something is not your cup of tea or too far out of your comfort zone, co list, list with your broker or refer the business!

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