Cody Gibson, an agent with Keller Williams and Founder/CEO of the Portland Real Estate Group, identified himself as his greatest hurdle when he looked back as his career in a recent article for InmanNews. Now, however, Gibson is proud to say that his team is on track to close 1,400 – 1,600 home sales this year.

Gibson advises other to NOT overcomplicate success. “Success is simple. Success is a combination of hard work, providing value and watching your business grow.”

Here are Gibson’s tips for earning more listings:

  1. Unlearn the myth that taking listings is a skill. Taking listings is about BOLD intention. (BOLD Laws are Keller Williams’ training tools that help agents shift their mindsets from hoping to doing. For example, shift from “I have to I will,” “Be, Do, Have, “Fear or Faith – Your Choice.” There are some 60 BOLD laws.)
  2. Make one listing appointment a day. With a goal of making one listing appointment a day, you NEED to be making calls and digging deep into your database. According to Gibson, listings are a numbers game.
  3. Gibson encourages agents to uncover their motivation. He encourages agents to ask themselves, “What is the lead generation method that I’ll use to uncover my motivation?”
    1. Gibson encourages agents to focus their energy and time on leads that will get results such as expired listings, FSBOs, internet leads who request CMAs and/or property valuations.
    2. He encourages agents to focus on leads who have a CLEAR MOTIVATION to sell such as owners relocating due to employment changes and/or downsizing. Contact and build relationships with HR departments in mid-large companies and organizations such as AARP.
  4. Calendar and maintain a specific follow-up day of the week.
    1. Same day every week to follow up with old leads.
    2. Use the same script so you don’t have to think about what you say when you call. For example, “Just want to tell you we sold X homes this month and we’d love to have your home be the Y.”
    3. “Yes, the script is boring but use it so your life, your real life, can be interesting.”
    4. Just keep calling the same day, every week.
  5. Use your social media to publish posts saying, “I have buyers.”
    1. “I’m working with an owner in X neighborhood who needs X bedrooms for X price. Know anyone?”
    2. If you don’t have buyers, the post is “I have inventory in X neighborhoods at X prices.”
    3. Gibson advises that if you don’t tell your stories, some other agent will.
  6. Set up strategic competitions such as bottlenecking your showings so that your buyers “run in” to other buyers during “their” showings. Your buyers will see straight away they are not the one and only buyers. They (and you) will learn immediately that the biggest motivator is the fear of losing out.
  7. Just as you follow-up with leads every week, follow up with your sellers AT LEAST every week.
    1. Tell your sellers you will contact them 2x week (phone/text/email) to keep them, up to date on where their transaction is.
    2. Tell your sellers you will see them face-to-face every 3 weeks until their house is sold.
      1. Seeing each other every 3 weeks is an opportunity to discuss marketing, pricing strategy, condition of the home, any changes that must be made to the house based upon comments from prospects/agents viewing the house.
      2. Seeing each other every 3 weeks is an opportunity to tell your seller, at each face-to-face meeting, that you are/will leave no stone unturned until their house is sold.

8. There is a difference between practice time and playtime.
1. Just as musicians practice their instruments to “find the notes,” golfers practice their          swings to find their grooves and putts and politicians practice their talking points to            have their words sound unrehearsed and fluid, agents need to practice their listing              presentations so they can be spontaneous, confident and alive at their presentations.
2. Gibson advises agents to practice to play at their listing presentations.Gibson advises         agents to take advantage of technology.
1. Technology helps everything go faster with more predictability.
2. Technology surfaces leads and helps agents track them all the way through          closings.
3. Technology leverages your contacts by placing them into your database.


Want 10 listings a month? Try Gibson’s tips rather than relying on luck.

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