Extensive research has proven that significantly more people will call an 800# vs. speaking with an agent directory. Some studies have shown a nearly 100% increase in lead calls as a result of agents using an 800#.

Today we’ll be discussing 800 Home Hotline – a powerful IVR tool that we recommend as a means of massively increasing your real estate lead generation!

4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms & privacy: slkt.io/JWQt

Secret: Selling is not telling. Asking questions that help the caller to self discover their own answers is your goal.

The Top Ten 1800HH Golden Rules

1) Return all 1800HH lead call backs within 60 seconds or less. People will actually tell you how impressed they are that you called them back so quickly. If the caller is a potential seller, your fast response is telling them that you are a proactive, aggressive agent – exactly the kind of agent sellers are looking for in today’s market.

2) Always give callers the option of pressing 0 to transfer to an agent. This is called HotLead®. The Hotlead® leads are usually the most motivated, best quality leads. Again, the HotLead® leads are always the best leads. When someone is taking the time to ‘Press 0 to speak to a live agent’ they are always very serious and motivated.

3) 1800HH exclusive: Instant Home Brochure (IHB) – always give the callers the option of having the brochure on the house texted to them, including photos.

4) Be available for lead calls daily between 8am and 9pm. Most of the best leads will come in after 5pm. As people are coming home from work, they will see the new listings and call for a price. When you get a neighbor calling for price assume it’s because they are going to be listing their own home soon.

5) Expect an increase in calls from Thursday through Sunday. That’s when most people are in house selling or buying mode.
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6) Promote your 1800HH number everywhere – signs, brochures, business cards, ads, Realtor.com, your own web site, etc.

7) Always remember, 30%+ of all the buyer calls you get into your 1800HH system will also have homes to sell. USE THE SCRIPTS we provide to convert those sellers.

8) Be prepared when calling people back or when receiving HotLead® calls. Those leads want to know they are dealing with a professional. Know the market. Know what is for sale, what is selling, and the average days on the market.

9) Integrate your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) into all of your recordings. (Guaranteed Sale, Easy Exit Listing, Flexible Fee) Follow the scripts exactly.

10) Repeat and affirm everything they say. It may feel odd at first but you will soon realize that people appreciate the fact that you are listening and that you care. People won’t care about you until you show them that you care about them. Use the potential client’s name when speaking with them. Hearing someone else say your name is like magic to one’s ears. Combining great question asking, great listening and using their names when speaking to them will always get you great results.

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