In a recent podcast, Tim and Julie Harris answered listeners’ questions as they came in via email.

Alex Lee, one of the thousands of listeners to the podcast wrote that he “loves the podcast…listens daily…and gets up an hour early to have time to read…” Tim and Julie’s newly revised and updated book, Harris Rules, A Real Estate Agent’s Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Finally Becoming Rich and Free.  Together, both the podcast and the book “…are definitely changing my life and I don’t know where I’d be without (them.)”

Alex’s “big” question relates to Tim and Julie’s talking of “…being of service to others…but where is the service part of it in the midst of lead generation, lead follow-up, pre-qualify, prevent, negotiate and close?” Lee wonders in the advent of the Internet where “…people are doing for themselves what agents did for them, what am I doing that is worthy of the 3% commission?”

Tim and Julie encourage you to listen again to their answers to this question by clicking the following link:

This podcast highlights Tim and Julie’s BIG contributions and being of service to others. Here’s a brie summary of their words:

  1. Agents must communicate with their clients regularly and consistently. No agent can “over-communicate” with their clients an with that regular, consistent communication, agents are giving their clients peace of mind.
  2. If the agent is a seller’s agent, it is up to the agent to “remind” the seller that all pre-inspections, pre-appraisals and pre-programing for “what may come next” are completed. This “reminding” helps the transaction move forward without stumbling blocks or la k or specific information the buyer may want/need in order to make an informed, cogent offer on the house. With these “pre” tasks being done, the agent is helping the seller and buyer initiate an offer that best represents both parties’ best case scenario.
  3. The agent “reminds” the seller that a home warranty program starts when the listing goes “live.” It is to the seller’s advantage to have a home warranty program in place prior to a home inspection so the seller is not “surprised” with items needed to be addressed/remedied to ensure the safety and soundness of the home in a reasonable time frame.
  4. Both the buyer’s and seller’s agents can encourage the buyer and seller to write their own “inspection guide.” This guide focuses on the safety and soundness of the home, not cosmetic upgrades.
  5. The agent know how to negotiate inspection remedies and keeps deals alive in the midst of “nothing or silly” concerns.
  6. Agents know how to lead with information and always strive to be at least one or two steps ahead of any client concerns. Agents know the importance of providing the most comprehensive, accurate information about the property, market, neighborhood, etc. Without that information, clients cannot possibly make decisions that best benefit their interests. Talk about being of service to their clients, accurate and comprehensive information is crucial to the well being of the client.
  7. To best service their clients, agents need to be proactive leaders in the transaction. Contingencies need to be removed on time or early based upon the client’s “reminders.” Agent need to be “the rock” during all aspects of the transaction so that if/when the client’s focus or thinking become cloudy, the agent is steadfast in helping the client accomplish their goals.

Thank you Andrew, for your question. I hope the above hints/reminders and proactive mindsets help answer how agents can be of service to their clients.

And, of course, for more tips/strategies and reminders to be of service to your clients, please read more of Harris Rules by clicking

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