Because you have year-round relationships with your clients, you can help them cut costs and maintain their home values by suggesting these repairs:

Thanks to MSN for this compilation. 

  1. Change HVAC filters every few months to cut utility bills.
  2. Fix leaking faucets as soon as possible. One drip/minute waster 34 galloons of water every year.
  3. Caulk the shower and tub. Keep seams around faucets tightly sealed. Careful caulking can prevent mold-infested tile and drywall…and save your clients thousands of dollars.
  4. Inspect sump pumps regularly to keep water out of basements and crawl spaces.
  5. Update all light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs concentrating first on lights used the most.
  6. Install programmable thermostats to automatically set temperatures consistent with your “at home and away” and sleeping patterns.
  7. Inspect all electrical outlets and cords to prevent fire hazards. Look for exposed wire, spliced wire connected with electrical tape, and overloaded power strips. Warning signs include flickering lights, warm-to-the-touch fixtures/switches and non-working outlets.
  8. Replace smoke detector batteries every six months.
  9. Fix running toilets as soon as possible to prevent water waste and unduly high water bills.
  10. Wrap water heaters with insulating blankets. estimates savings of 7-16%. Pre-cut blankets are available at Home Depot and Amazon.
  11. Caulk leaky doors and windows. Insulating foam sealer spray cans are useful to fill larger leaks. Also check around appliance vents, hoses, plumbing fixtures and furnace ducts.
  12. Flush water heaters yearly to remove any accumulated sediment.
  13. Lower fuel costs by installing extra attic insulation after sealing air leaks.
  14. Install weather-stripping to seal air leaks. Check out for tips.
  15. Clotheslines (outside/basement are coming back into fashion to cut fuel consumption.
  16. Check downspouts and pull back soil/mulch from siding.
  17. Clean siding yearly with soapy water and .5 cup of tri-sodium phosphate per gallon to remove dirt, moss, mildew, crumbling mortar.

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