Inman experts agree that the number one goal of marketing is to get you face-to-face with your prospects. How to do that? Build your online relationships to achieve this goal by doing any and all of these tips:

  1. Be a “post and persist” agent to connect and generate leads. No posting and “disappearing.”
    1. Sue Benson, the Pink Lady of Real Estate because she always wears a pink hat wherever she goes online and video, believes Facebook Stories is the easiest way to bond with prospective leads.
    2. Benson suggests commenting on/responding to other people’s comments.
    3. But don’t just comment or respond…invite the person who wrote that comment to connect with you.
  2. Use video…again, be persistent with your video usage.
    1. Facebook indicates that it will be primarily video within 5 years.
    2. Maximize your videos by…
      1. Engaging with compelling, interesting and location specific content/information/experts.
      2. Shooting square video that will fit onto cell phone screens
  • Shooting 60-90 second spots. Viewers have gnat-like attention spans.
  1. Making sure your contact information is included in the video.
  2. Making sure you’re having a good time. People want to connect with those who are enjoying themselves.
  3. Targeting a 25-35 mile radius of your market area.
  • According to Jason Frazier and Josh Pitts of Shred Media, run your video for seven days and make sure to boost it on days 2-7 with Facebook ads (and Local Expert ads that can be linked to profile page and to custom websites) targeted by location, income range, age, number of children, etc. AND then run another video in the Julie Harris formula of lather, rinse and repeat.
  1. Use content that is distinct to your market area and things that make your market area great.
    1. Interview people who are the face of your market area such as business owners, school principals, civic leaders, chefs, etc.
    2. Create a library of local content – non-profits, restaurants, sport groups, animal shelters, great ice cream places, etc.


Thank you to Bernice Ross, a regular contributor to InmanNews, CEO of Brokerage Up and for source material.



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