At 32 years old, Ivan Estrada busts all the myths about his Millennial generation and whether or not he should be experiencing the level of success that he is! Introverted and analytical by nature, his ability to rise among the real estate rankings in Beverly Hills, may leave some scratching their heads.  Aren’t all fantastic sales people supposed to be extroverts?  Ivan’s nearly $30 Million dollars in sales volume last year says otherwise.

Not only that, but his priority each day is — prospecting?  What?  As a Millennial, isn’t he supposed to be lazy and want to push the ‘easy button?’ Shouldn’t he be ‘liking’ stuff on Facebook and trolling Instagram all hours of the day?  While Ivan is a social media butterfly (you can find him on nearly every channel), when it comes to hard core business, he’s all about the numbers and that comes from connecting – face to face, and voice to voice with his expansive center of influence.

Born to Mexican immigrants, his mother and father worked tirelessly to put him through school and give him every opportunity to succeed.  While they had visions of their son in the secure world of accounting, Ivan had a longing for something more.

At the urging of a friend and an exorbitant amount of reading on every aspect of the real estate business, he found his calling, left his comfy CPA job, and jumped into the market – just in time for the real estate crash.  It taught him valuable lessons of perseverance and lead him to valuable wisdom that he passes on today wherever he speaks.

On today’s podcast, Ivan opens up about his shy (yet famous!) past, how he overcomes his natural introverted tendencies, and inspires with his passion for the business and his commitment to his clients.  Listen to his story as he shares practical, tactical tips for how YOU can network your way to success just like he did, no matter what market you’re in.

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