Spyro Kemble is considered to be an industry innovator and thought leader in the world and surrounding areas of Newport Beach real estate. In his latest article for InmanNews, Kemble writes that real estate agents must be exceptional in all aspects of their professional lives in order to be successful in luxury markets.

Kemble believes that luxury markets exist in your local area. (Luxury markets, as Kemble defines them, are the top 15% of all home values sold within every local market.) Whether the local luxury market starts at $545,000 or $4.34M, it is a luxury market. Regardless of price, the one common denominator among all luxury markets is the extreme competition within that market for capturing a share of that market. Therefore, the reason to be exceptional.

To become the go-to luxury agent in your luxury market, Kemble recommends that…

1. You look the part.

– In his Inman piece, Kemble quotes Zig Zigler. “You cannot climb the ladder of success being dressed in a costume of failure.”

– Kemble reminds us all that we only have one chance to make an exceptional first impression.

– In addition to being dressed in a costume of success, Kemble advises us that our car must be clean and organized.

– He suggests that all lux agents present their business cards and marketing materials in an “easy exchange” format upfront in the first meeting. With the prospective seller/buyer.

2. Know your market.

– Have the skills and abilities to back up your image with your experience, knowledge and results.
– Kemble reminds us, “Hope is not a business strategy.”

– ”Give yourself the best opportunity of selling the luxury listing.

– Your proposed list price includes your market’s vulnerabilities as well as your market’s advantages. Consider anticipated rate hikes, inventory fluctuations (global and local), demand, which amenities/features have worth such as ocean/city views, architectural features, natural resources, etc.

– Invest in marketing.

– Brochures are NOT sufficient and do NOT do it.

– Short and/or creative videos shot and edited by a professional that highlight the lifestyle of the house as well as the house…Google now prioritizes and pushes video content to its feed.

– Virtual staging can quickly “renovate” and “redesign” out-of-date looks so the prospective buyer can evaluate the house for their lifestyle.

1. Videos can be featured on MLS when you provide a disclaimer.

2. Videos can be enlarged and put on an easel for client walk-throughs.

– Make your listing presentation speak for your professionalism.

1. Showcase your strengths, market knowledge, sales history, local/international marketing platform successes, results.

2. Have a digital and paper version of your customized listing presentation so you can leave both with your prospective client.

– Commit your presentation to memory. Practice it over and over again. Own it.

3. Consider inviting your chief marketing officer and/or broker to attend the presentation so the prospect knows they will have an entire company behind your efforts to actualize their goals.

4. Know and understand different personality types. Watch your prospect’s communications style and adapt to it. Be an exceptional listener. Kemble quotes Peter Drucker, the organizational management wizard, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” As far as Kemble is concerned, “Close your mouth, open your ears, absorb the hopes, dreams, desires and needs of your luxury client.”

5. Build relationships.

– Know that the most important thing as an exceptional agent is cultivating and serving relationships.
– Kemble reminds us all to “…treat each deal, pre and post, as though it is as important to you as it is to them,”

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