Despite it being difficult to predict home equity appreciation, you and/or your clients are doing more than okay if you and/or your clients were lucky enough (or clever enough) to purchase a home in 2012.

A new study by Redfin indicates that people who bought homes in 2012 at bargain, post-Great Recession prices are now seeing an average increase of +261% in appreciated prices. That +261% increase totals some $203B in home equity.

Obviously, some markets, especially in California’s expensive market, have seen larger gains when measured in dollar amounts and other markets, such as Tacoma WA’s more modest market, have seen larger gains when measured in percentage increases.

Take a look at both these dollar and percentage increases due to home equity appreciation since 2012.

Top 10 Markets for Home Equity Percentage Gains Since 2012: 

Market               Median % Increase    Median Dollar Increase      

Tacoma                       1,453%                       $218.000

Virginia Beach              1,333%                       $80,000

Greeley CO                  1,067%                       $192,000

Spartanburg SC            790%                          $79,000

Salem OR                     781%                          $164,000

Modesto CA                  769%                          $200,000

Colorado Springs           677%                          $149,000

Stockton CA                  643%                          $225,000

Bremerton WA               638%                          $204,000

Olympia WA                  631%                          $164,000

Top 10 Markets for Home Equity Dollar Gains Since 2012:

Market               Median Dollar Increase       Median % Increase

San Francisco              $741,000                    329%

San Jose                     $699,000                    360%

San Rafael CA             $604,000                    247%

Oakland                      $461,000                    369%

Seattle                        $364,000                    461%

Santa Rosa CA             $350,000                    318%

Salinas CA                   $322,000                    322%

Los Angeles                  $318,000                    292%

Anaheim                      $311,000                    219%

Santa Maria CA            $297,000                    230%

Thanks to Redfin for source data.

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