Consider yourself a lazy person? Overwhelmed with just too much to do? Afraid you won’t be able to accomplish your real estate goals for 2018?

Here are five things that will you kick-start and stay in gear throughout 2018.

1. Automate your job. Look into drip email applications that can automatically (and quickly) answer questions your website browsers may have about you, your listings, your market data. Look into chatbots that can do the same via phone messaging. Once you set up these systems, you’ll be amazed at how much more time and energy you’ll have to actually do you job as only you can do it.

2. Establish routines. Having routines based upon habits you do every day frees up your time/energy/space for spontaneity and “what-if” scenarios that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Finely honed routine developed by your habitual, consistent behavior patterns eliminate your having to think about what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Routines also eliminate or reduce the number of small decisions you get called upon to make about less important things. Routines reduce your decision fatigue and give you the time and energy to make better decisions about bigger, more important/relevant things.

3. Establish a set of guiding principles. This is the same as creating your own personal/professional operations manual. By establishing and writing your guiding principles, you’ll know what matters, what doesn’t and how to execute what is important to your business. Your guiding principles will also reduce inherent risks of repeating mistakes.4. Delegate. Delegate as much as you can to well trained and well trusted people who are well able to do what you no longer need to do. And then go about doing what only you need to do.

5. Have uniforms. Think of Steve Job’s black turtleneck, Rachel Maddow’s black jacket and tee, Mark Zuckerberg’s grey hoodie. All these people have/had too many decisions to make every day so they created uniforms for themselves so they didn’t have to decide what to wear every day. For you…maybe not the exact same uniform but the same cuts, the same styles, the same color schemes that you know make you look and feel your best. Instead of having to decide what earrings to wear, wear the same ones every day. Instead of having to decide what to bring for lunch every day, make the same thing with a slight twist…maybe a tuna or chicken or turkey salad…every day. Having uniforms enable you to make fewer “small” and more “big” decisions every day

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