Facebook continues its dominance among real estate agents seeking to enhance their marketing efforts. In fact, according to The National Association of REALTORS®, 77% of all agents use Facebook as a central arm of their marketing plans.

If you are one of that 77% of agents using Facebook for marketing, or perhaps even thinking about using it to enhance your marketing efforts, remember to properly target your audience and stay on the correct side of fair housing laws and/or guidelines.

Christy Murdock Edgar, elite realtor and coach, put together a set of rules to use when using the Facebook platform for InmanNews that may help you use this tool most efficiently:

  1. Know Your Audience
    1. The typical Facebook user is female and older. If that is not your audience, consider using another platform more dialed in to your specific
    2. Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to learn who is already connected with you through the Facebook
  2. Target Smart
    1. Rather than thinking about demographics of income levels, think about behaviors and interests instead. People of all ages, backgrounds, income levels, ethnicities love to sail boats, ride horses, go camping, run, cycle, play tennis, etc. These interests and behavior will help define your client and suitable locations for that specific client.
    2. If specialize in starter-homes and condos and townhouses, target renters within your geographic searching areas.
  3. Understand digital literacy.
    1. Know to stay away from political, social, religious content. You don’t want to offend anyone,
    2. Share relevant, value-added content that you create for your blog posts, videos, etc. that emphasize your business, your interactions within the community and lifestyle features that may appeal to your specific client

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 Strategies for Lead Generation on Facebook

  1. Create original content, post consistently (a minimum of 1 X daily) and boost your content strategically.
    1. Create your blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. to the interests of your of your target audience and specific clients.
    2. Boost content that generates interest 2-3 days after your original post, preferably over weekends/holidays.
  2. Look to videos for higher engagement.
    1. Put yourself in front of the camera so viewers can “get to know you.” Know your voice, see you, connect with you.
  3. Always offer value-added content repeatedly BEFORE asking for anything or making a sales pitch.
  4. Drive your traffic to a landing page/website that is optimized for lead capture.
    1. Your Facebook posts are NOT stand -alone entities
    2. Your Facebook posts are a distribution channel that engages your viewers.
  5. Set a goal and tell you audience what it is.
    1. Ask people to read and subscribe.
    2. Ask people to contact you to come to an event you’re hosting
    3. ALWAYS give your readers a clear call-to=-action so they know what to do with the information you have offered them.

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