Vacasa recently released its top winter rental properties after crunching the numbers on some 500,00 properties. Vacasa ranked these winter properties by respective capitalization rates or cap rates.

A cap rate is the metric used to determine a property’s profitability. The cap rate compares the property’s price to the remainder of the property’s annual rental reserve after all expenses on that property have been met. The higher the cap rate, the higher the profit and the more money for the owner. For example, if an owner took out a 30-year-fixed loan at 4.39% with a 25% down payment, the property is likely to be profitable.

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Vacaca’s Top Places for Winter Rental Property Profitability


Cap Rate                      Median Price

Killington VT                       8.3%                           $211,072

Big Sky MT                          6.1%                           $585,000

Breckenridge Co                  5.6%                           $556,905

Dillon CO                             4.9%                          $401,894

Ludlow VT                           4.8%                           $304,275

Rhododendron OR                4.7%                           $316,712

Warren VT                           4.6%                           $263,752

Leavenworth WA                 4.6%                           $263,752

Shaver Lake CA                   4.3%                           $441,607

Big Bear City CA                  4.1%                           $297,089

Stowe VT                            4.0%                           $488,950

Lake Arrowhead CA             3.3%                           $499,602

Vail CO                               3.2%                           $1,147,504

Steamboat Springs CO         2.9%                           $678.958

Park City UT                        2.8%                           $891.518

You can see that winter rental properties in the East have lower median sales prices however, destinations in the West dominate this list.


Thanks to Vacasa for source data.

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