Key Highlights
– Tim and Julie Harris sending rice supplies to 50 families in Philippines
– Islands hit hard by coronavirus pandemic and has few health workers, supplies and materials

Amidst the massive health and financial havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, smaller countries and territories are too often ignored. Not by Tim and Julie Harris of Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching.

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Tim and Julie Harris just sent food relief and rice supplies to 50 families living in the Philippines Islands. These relief efforts and supplies are much needed in the country’s over-crowded cities that collectively experienced the Islands’ largest daily increase of COVID-19 infections and deaths just last week. Though tiny in population scale to other countries, every confirmed case and death caused by this virulent disease in the Philippines matters.

Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching thanks the doctors and health workers fighting for lives in the Philippines. Tim and Julie’s food relief and supplies sent to 50 resident families in the Philippines will help those families be better nourished and stronger to fight their own battles with this deadly disease.

Join Tim and Julie in their generosity and thoughtfulness. Give to those in need at this critical time in our world’s united efforts to help save as many lives as possible.

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