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  • Summary of what to do, how to do and where for agents who have lost work and money due to coronavirus
  • Go to this link to read about it all and click from there

This piece on NPR is REALLY HELPFUL!!! I’M REFERRING YOU TO THE ARTICLE ITSELF because when I copied the links into this piece, they didn’t work.

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Some of the links are slow BUT BE PATIENT…THEY’LL FUNCTION.

The link on where to get Unemployment Insurance in EACH STATE is GREAT. The link works from this article but doesn’t work when I tried it on its own so use it from the above link.

Info on skipping payments on mortgages loans, auto loans and credit card loans is all here. The bottom line here is that YOU CAN’T JUST STOP PAYING YOUR BILLS. YOU TO CALL YOUR LENDER!!!

Be sure to ask about options when this current forbearance period ends because you will have to pay for missed payments on everything. For a mortgage loan, the probable best option is to extend the term of the loan by the number of months you missed payments. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to give you an option that does not raise your monthly payment.

For all other loans, find out the terms! In most cases, you SHOULD NOT PAYING ANY EXTRA INTEREST OF FEEDS

If you are a RENTER, TALK TO YOU LANDLORD. Mortgage companies are being told to offer their renters flexibility. Also know that in most places, evictions have been suspended.

If you’ve lost your health insurance, look into COBRA, see if you qualify for MEDICADE and/or enroll in you state-level health care exchange system under the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.


HUGE thanks to NPR for this article

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