Key Highlights

  • Zoom offers next-level features to enhance your video skills and your client’s experience
  • Online meetings and virtual business rapidly becoming the norm during these stay-at-home times

Due to recent “Zoombombing” security leaks where attackers find publicly posted Zoom invite links (mostly through Facebook), Paul Bischoff, a privacy advocate with Comparitech, suggests that hosts posting links to Zoom conferences and/or one-one calls should verify their participants “…with a password, or limit participants to a particular email domain – both features that come build into Zoom.

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Bischoff reassures users that the app “…gives hosts pretty granular control over who can join conference calls. All video data is encrypted end-to-end so it can’t be intercepted and viewed by third parties.”

All this being said, here are six tips to get the most out of Zoom to enhance your own video skills and presentations:

  1. Create a new virtual background with Zoom’s Virtual Background feature.
    1. From the account settings in your browser, click through to InMeeting (advanced) and slide the toggle to enable Virtual Background.
    2. Log into your Zoom desktop app, then into Settings (the gear icon at the top)
    3. Click Virtual Background and choose which you want
      1. Recommended – check out Unsplash and its ready-to-go, high resolution, Zoom-ready backgrounds.
    4. Look as good as you’d like to look with Zoom’s Touch Up My Appearance feature
      1. Feature can cut down on facial lines and eye shadows
      2. Use the video setting in both mobile and desktop applications that available on all major platforms.
    5. Sound as good as you look with the Mute All Participants function to dampen/eliminate unwanted sounds
      1. For Mac users: Command + Control + M
      2. For PC Users: Alt + M
      3. Use Audio Setting menu to mute your microphone when joining the chat and when you are not speaking.
    6. Allow Zoom access to your contacts
      1. By allowing the app access your contacts, you won’t waste time by fumbling around for contact phone numbers or emails.
        1. You’re a real estate agent. Time is of the essence…always.
      2. General setting menu allows you to auto-copy the meeting URL from the get-go so you can easily past and send the link to others.
    7. Use Zoom’s Breakout Rooms
      1. Ideal for mini group discussions within the confines of a larger meeting.
      2. Ideal for getting larger groups together while still enabling smaller teams/staff to connect among themselves.
      3. Helpful for stimulating group discussions and brainstorming activities.
      4. Like Virtual Background, Breakout Rooms created in In Meeting (advanced) settings menu.
        1. Once activated, Feature available on meeting control panel at bottom of meeting launch window.
        2. Number of rooms and participant placements are configurable once meeting starts under the menu label More…or can be pre-assigned prior to meeting starting.
  • Breakout Room members can control audio and video and share their screens…when the time’s right, the meeting moderator can invite everyone back to the primary meeting.
  1. Check out Zoom’s App Marketplace
    1. Just like MLS, Zoom partners and integrates with other business apps such as Gmail, Docusign, etc.
    2. Zoom partners with CRM connections such as Salesforce, HubSpot,
    3. Zoom partners with marketing connections such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Marketo,
    4. Look for more of these partners in the future as Zoom develops integrations with real estate specific apps.

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