Key Highlights

  • Motley Fool, considered among the best financial and stock advisors for over 25 years, ranks Real Estate Coaching Radio among the top three podcasts explicitly for real estate agents
  • Motley Fool says that Real Estate Coaching Radio “an ideal resource to learn marketing tips, gain insights about a sector or investment strategy and stay up to date on relevant real estate industry news
  • Motley Fool calls Real Estate Coaching Radio “a perfect fit for real estate agents”


As an avid listener of Tim and Julie Harris’s Real Estate Coaching Radio, you clearly have good and well-educated taste.  You also listen to Real Estate Coaching Radio with the best of the best…The Motley Fool. 

The Motley Fool, one of the most well respected stock, financial and real estate advisors in the country, recently ranked Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio among the top three best real estate podcasts for real estate agentsThe Fool said that listening to just one of Tim and Julie’s podcasts “is bound to provide new information, a deeper understanding, or advice that will improve your (real estate) business in some way.”

Listening to Real Estate Coaching Radio with you and The Motley Fool are tens of thousands of other regular listeners.  In fact, Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio is the #1 daily podcasts in the US for real estate agentsNearly 8M listeners tuned in to Real Estate Coaching Radio in the last reporting period!

As an agent regularly dialed in to Real Estate Coaching Radio, exponentially raise your real estate knowledge, insights, skills and business by regularly reading and studying Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agent’s Practical, No-BS, Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Rich and Free.

Brad Inman, publisher of Inman News, and Chris Hellman, CEO of Keller Williams, agree that Harris Rules is fundamental to the success and best practices of real estate agents.    Inman said, “Tim and Julie carry an important message: improve the habits and behavior of real estate agents, so they can better serve their customers.”  Heller said, “There are very few books I would recommend to a real estate sales person…but Harris Rules is one of them.  The book is loaded with practical, proven processes that, if followed, will enhance your success.”

Harris Rules has generated over 400 five-star reviews from readers in addition to those of Inman and Heller.  Kelly Stephenson, an affiliate broker with eXp Realty, sums it up perfectly.  “Harris Rules is a MUST for all agents, new and seasoned.”

Clearly, Tim and Julie Harris are the #1 source for real estate coaching and training via Real Estate Coaching Radio and Harris Rules.  Tim and Julie thank you, The Motley Fool and their thousands of readers.  

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