Key Highlights

  • recommends 10 best cities to buy for UFO fans
  • Company reviewed data from National UFO Reporting Center and compared cities with home prices

Likely you remember that some time back in April, we posted videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) captured by US Navy pilots that were released by the Pentagon.

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Why are we coming back to the subject of UFO’s? A writer for DeseretNews, Herb Scribner, now writes again for DeseretNews, “2020 has actually provided a slew of reasons for people to be interested in aliens and UFOs.”

We’ll leave you to determining what the “slew of reasons” is for people to be and remain interested in aliens and UFOs. In the meantime, here are the top 10 cities for fans of UFOs and aliens to buy a house, according to

  1. Myrtle Beach SC – $167,958
  2. Columbus OH – $174,109
  3. Philadelphia PA – $187,772
  4. Houston TX – $191,907
  5. Tucson AZ – $215,965
  6. Albuquerque NM – $216,090
  7. Dallas TX – $226,145
  8. Orlando FL – $260,915
  9. Phoenix AZ – $269,175
  10. Mesa AZ – $278,497

Know that stands by its recommendations via the company’s efforts of researching data from the National UFO Reporting Center and comparing real estate prices in these top 10 cities for alien enthusiasts “in the hope of increasing their chances of spotting UFOs or extraterrestrial activity.”



Thanks to Herb Scribner of DeseretNews.

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