On today’s show Tim and Julie continue on helping you create your attitude, approach and expectations for 2021. Todays points are:

4) Stop lying to yourself that you are…
– Too old, too young.
– Not educated enough.
– Waited too long…
– Not lucky enough.

Assignment: write down all the reasons YOU CAN’T Succeed…make a list. Don’t stop until you have exhausted everything in your head that is floating around in your head. Be ruthless.

Important: You only live once and you are deal a real long time….what are you waiting for?

5) Stop working on your mindset.
– Effort leads to mindset….mindset rarely leads to effort.
– Your emotional state is dependent on your physical state. Not the other way around.
If you aren’t ‘feeling’ a certain way….get into action…do stuff.

6) Your physicality matters.
– Water, working out…getting your body into motion.
– You were not designed to reclined.

7) Stop believing that you have to ‘feel passionate’ in order to be successful.
– Passion is a temporary emotion.
– Lack of passion is the excuse used by many to quit too soon.

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