Even the best agents fall down sometimes. Hard times happen to everyone. Normal people can become exceptional as a result of hard times. Remember, its what you do…the actions you take NOW… as a reaction to those hard times that will determine your outcome. Know that hard times are temporary assuming you choose for them to be temporary. Today’s show is all about what specific actions you should take NOW to not just survive hard times, but position yourself to THRIVE after you have moved past your rough patch. Remember, long term ever increasing levels of success come from doing what you dont want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level.

Get to know Tim and Julie Harris:

* Tim and Julie Harris are the 5 Star rated, award-winning authors of the best selling book, HARRIS RULES. Available everywhere including Barnes and Noble, Amazon. https://amzn.to/39E8O9Y
* Tim and Julie co-host the nations #1 daily real estate coaching podcast, Real Estate Coaching Radio. Itunes, Spotify, Amazon etc
* Motley Fool’s most influential real estate podcast.
* 20+ years in the real estate sales, coaching and training industry. Coaching real estate pros in 11 different countries.
* Sold over 100 homes first full year in real estate and 1000s of homes thereafter before becoming full-time real estate coaches.
* Often referred to as “The Nations #1 Real Estate Coaches”
* Featured on Inman, National Association of Realtors and, many other publications.
* Howard Brinton Stars.
* Founder of YEO Chapter.
* Real estate investor.
* Private equity fund manager.
* Aligned with EXP Realty. YES, we would love to sponsor you.
* Married for 30+ years, proud parents of Zoe.
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