What should come first, Marketing or Proactive Lead Generation (aka Prospecting)? Daily success happens when you prioritize the actions that will generate the greatest results over those that won’t. Put another way, are you going to PROACTIVELY generate leads and build your business or passively attempt to do the same? Its THE question every agent must answer for themselves. The simple fact is the most PROFITABLE real estate practices are based on proactive lead generation. Yet, so many agents never learn how to proactively lead generate. Worst yet, some believe your aim in business is to proactively lead generate (prospect) so that one day your centers of influence and past client list will be so large you wont have to be proactive anymore. That is just plain silly. That thinking is akin to thinking you can go to the gym for a year, build your body and then magically expect to keep that physical condition even after you stop working out. Makes no sense. Anyone successful at anything long term knows that they must always be proactive in their lead generation and overall approach to business (and life). Listen now.

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