Key Highlights

  • In survey of 2,000 homebuyers, majority considered their pets’ safety and well being before choosing where to buy
  • Pet friendly home features listed below

Knowing If Clients Have Pets as Important as Knowing If They Have Children

It used to be that one of the questions most agents asked their clients was, “Do you have children?” Now, in addition to knowing whether or not their have children (how many, how old, important activities or sports or hobbies, etc.), agents need to ask whether or not their clients have pets…again, how many, what kinds, their needs and/or restrictions, etc.

According to a survey of more than 2,000 homebuyers, found that over 50% of buyers have animals…61% were dog owners, 45% owned cats, 12% owned fish and 9% owned birds. (Horse owners tell agents upfront they want/need a horse property for their horses.)

No Question – Animals are Part of the Homebuyers’ Family

This survey found that 68% of pet owners would NOT buy a home if it didn’t accommodate their animals.

Home Features & Information Animal Owners Want to Know

  • Whether or not the home owners’ association (HOA) restricts the number of pets or type/size of pets
  • Animal-friendly floor plans (no stairs for dogs with joint issues and dark wood to hide any scratches
  • Fenced backyard areas to keep their pets safe and keep other animals from entering inside the area(s)
  • Pet-friendly neighborhood

Additional Features Potential Buyers with Animals Want

Potential homebuyers with pets also prioritize these features, according to this survey:

  • 38% of homebuyers look for big backyards
  • 29% searched for homes with some sort of outdoor space
  • 24% wanted dog runs
  • 22% wanted homes with “ample” indoor square footage

According to Nate Johnson,’s Chief Marketing Officer, “We believe that a home is so much more than a roof and four walls.  It is where family and friends come together and memories are made.  The results of this survey reinforce that our pets are our family and an important part of what makes a house a home.”


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