1. What should I expect from my broker?

-It’s your broker’s job to provide a legal place for you to do business, handle earnest money deposits and pay you on time.  That’s it.  Anything else is a BONUS to you.

-It is NOT your broker’s job to provide you leads.

-It is NOT your broker’s job to transaction coordinate, put out fires or negotiate for you.

2.  How do I raise my average sale price?

-The market is doing this FOR you currently, but also…

3 main ways:  Don’t choose ONE, do all 3.

a.     Socially network your way in. Join the country club, do events, etc.

b.     Prospect your way in: For sale by owners, Expireds, Nextdoor.com

**Most efficient with fastest results!**

c.     Move there and embed yourself in the community.

4.     Should I ignore ‘lowball’ offers? (as the listing agent)

-You are required to present ALL offers.

-How you handle a lowball is different if it’s your ONLY offer, especially if the house has been on the market a while.

-Find out WHY it was low…is that all the buyer was qualified for?  Are they culturally conditioned to negotiate more than you or your seller would like

-Counter every offer unless it was low because they buyer CAN’T afford more.

-Provide comparables embedded in your counter as ‘addendum A’.

-Ultimately if the deal doesn’t come together, it’s a great opportunity to get a price adjustment.

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