Today is Part 3 of ‘Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed?’ Here are today’s points:

13) Peak performers KNOW that PASSION is a fleeting emotion and that they do not need to feel passionate to be successful. 

14) Peak performers KNOW that balance is a myth.

15) Peak performers know that in order for them to stay peak performers they must be true to their health. They are not overweight and exercise daily. they know there is a direct correlation between how they can perform mentally (and financially) and their physical condition. 

16) Peak performers hate hearing NO. When they hear no it’s an indication that they must improve not stop. NO is the market’s way of telling you….’ not today..maybe tomorrow…but you have to improve. peak performers intentionally ask questions that could result in a NO. A true peak performer puts themselves in a position to hear no at least 5-10x per day. If you aren’t putting your ego at risk from hearing the word NO you aren’t doing your job.

17) peak performers are PROACTIVE lead generators.

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