Key Highlights

  • “Regular” people now subscribing to real estate YouTube channels
  • Masses now see how top 0.1% properties live

Real Estate YouTubers Shaking Up How Top Tier Real Estate Sold

Two years ago, Enes Yilmazer and his friend, Michael Ayers, started asking high-end real estate agents if the two of them could film those agents’ top-tier properties with a handheld camera.  To their surprise, many luxury agents said yes.

Now, Yilmazer and Ayers have more than 820,000 subscribers to their real estate YouTube channel.  Now, Yilmazer and Ayers, and other real estate YouTubers, are, according to the Wall Street Journal,”…shaking up how high-end real estate is sold…they are making YouTube…an increasingly important marketing channel for even the most privacy-obsessed home sellers and their real estate agents.”

COVID Pandemic Clearly Helped Real Estate YouTubers

According to Samantha Sax, chief marketing officer of Pontiac Land US, “Since COVID, people aren’t out and about the same way.  They want to see things from their phone and computer more than they ever have before.”

And, of course, sellers want to limit the number of buyers coming to tour their homes in person.

Boom in Agents Creating Their Own Video Content

Now, due to the overwhelming popularity of the Property Brothers andMillion-Dollar Listings, most real estate agents post their own video content on their websites.

But not everyone is a born video personality and not everyone is a born videographer and/or editor.  It all takes training and equipment and money to invest in those things.

Yilmazer (a former surfer) was, in many ways, just a “regular person” who saw an opportunity, trained under the radar and persisted over months and months by improving his skill sets and networking with real estate professionals.

Real Estate YouTubers Generating Income Streams from Subscribers and Ads

Yilmazer and some of his competitors such as Erik Conover, a former management trainee with brand-name companies who now has nearly 1.6M subscribers to his real estate channel,  indicate that real estate YouTube channels have multiple income streams…subscriber memberships, automated ads, dedicated sponsorships and the money real estate agents offer to feature their listings on their channels.

Can “Regular” Agent Personas Compete with “Regular” People Personas via Real Estate Channels?

Some say that real estate YouTubers like Yilmazer and Conover are successful because they’re “just regular people” showing other “regular” people “amazing” properties they would never be able to see without subscribing to their real estate channels.

Real estate agents are “regular” people too…regular people who have expert market knowledge, expert insights and expert experience in representing real estate consumers.

Could be that “regular” agents who are able to communicate and capture their enthusiasm, honesty, authenticity and expertise via their own real estate YouTube channels just might give some “regular” non-agents a go.  After all, “regular” people sometimes buy properties they see on real estate YouTube channels, right?

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal.


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