Key Highlights

  • 89% of homeowners made some kind of home improvements during pandemic 2020
  • 58% of those home improving homeowners did work themselves

Pandemic Inspired Home Improvements During 2020

A recent survey by Bid-on-Equipment indicated that the COVID pandemic inspired a whopping 89% of homeowners to make some kind of home improvements.

Of that 89%, 58% of home improving homeowners did the home improvements themselves.

Most Popular Home Improvements During Pandemi

Bid-on-Equipment discovered via Google that the most popular home improvement projects included during pandemic 2020:

  • 86% of projects directed to exterior of home
  • 45% of projects directed to bathroom(s)
  • 43% of projects directed to kitchen
  • 38% of projects directed to living room
  • 21% of projects directed to dining room

Budget-Friendly Projects that Increase Home Value

Sure, it’s nice to add an extra room on to a home or completely redo the home’s interior.  But those projects are expensive and also require a level of expertise that the typical homeowner may not have.

Instead, here are some doable home improvement projects that may actually enhance your/your clients’ home value:

  • Storage – everyone wants more storage regardless of how much storage they may already have.
    • Extra bedroom shelves
    • Creating more storage in the garage
    • Adding a cabinet in the kitchen
  • Updating Primary Bedroom and Bathroom – buyers are attracted to these big-ticket items
    • Add extra seating in the bedroom
    • Paint the ceiling or create two-tone wall
    • Add custom vanity in bathroom
  • Paint Cabinets
    • Repainting kitchen cabinets will modernize and brighten up the kitchen
    • Swap out past-tense cabinet handles and replace with new ones

None of these home improvement suggestions is budget breaking. On the other hand, if and when you/your clients sell, any and/or all of these suggestions may boost the home’s value.


Thanks to HousingWire.

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