Key Highlights

  • Eviction moratorium just extended through July 31 from June 30 by CDC
  • Officials say this extension to be final deadline extension

CDC Approves One-Month Extension on National Eviction Moratorium

Announced as the last and final time deadline, the Centers on Disease Control and Prevention extended the national eviction moratorium through July 31.  This one-month extension from June 30 to July 31 is to be the final extension of this deadline.

Originally spurred by the COVID economic downturn, the national eviction moratorium has “…significantly limited the economic damage to renters and sharply reduced eviction filings,” according to The New York Times.

Eviction Moratorium Extension Comes Simultaneously with Rent Relief Now Available to Landlords and Renters Alike

Please read a previous post listed on the T&J calendar on how landlords and renters can now access the billions of dollars earmarked for rent payment relief.

Eviction Moratorium One of Series of Actions

This one-month extension on the eviction moratorium deadline was said to be prompted by the lag in vaccination rates in some parts of the country.  Some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country are in the southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama where public health providers are severely underfunded and rural access is limited.

In the forth-coming weeks, the White House will be holding a summit on affordability and evictions.  Two topics among others to be addressed at this summit include…

  • Stronger coordination with local officials and legal aid organizations to help minimize evictions after July 31
  • New guidance from Treasury Department to help streamline the too-slow disbursement of $21.5B in emergency aid included in the pandemic relief bill

Groups Representing Landlords See Eviction Moratorium Extension as Unwarranted Government Intrusion

Bob Pinnegar, president of the National Apartment Association that represents owners of large residential buildings, said, “The mounting housing affordability crisis is quickly becoming a housing affordability disaster fueled by flawed eviction moratoriums, which leave renters with insurmountable debt and housing providers holding the bag.”

Meanwhile, Unemployment Claims Dipped Only Slightly

Hoping for lower first-time unemployment claims, the US Labor Department reported on June 24 that claims for unemployment insurance dipped slightly from 418,000 the prior week to 411,000.

The labor market, though improving from its depths last year, remains a key focus of the Federal Reserve as the Fed  sees full employment as a precursor to raising interest rates.

Simultaneously, the government reported that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose at an annual rate of +6.4% in Q1 2021.


Thanks to The New York Times and US News.


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