Key Highlights

  • Consistently prioritize activities that lead to success
  • Be ready for any and all “disruptive” competitors

Prioritize Activities that Generate Success

Sellers are becoming increasingly comfortable with selling their houses.  Why?  Frenzied buyers, including rebounding iBuyers that are expanding into neglected Northeastern and Midwestern markets, are gobbling up scarce inventory at record high prices and sellers want in on those profits for themselves.

Also, homebuyer/iBuyer demand could become even more frenzied/competitive as buyers are nervous about interest rate hikes.

Bottom line, agents…be on your toes and prioritize actions that help generate your success in terms of revenue and growth rates.

Tips to Help Agents Reach/Exceed Their Goals

Here is a list of “tips” that could be worth their weight in gold in your ever-changing and ever-competitive profession.

Contact ALL of Your Past Buyers Regularly.

Ask ALL of your past buyers whether or not the home that you sold them continues to meet their housing needs and wants. 

Let ALL of your past buyers know the current value of their home now. 

Let ALL of your past buyers know the current value of “move-up” and “downsized” properties there are in their neighborhood.

Systemize Your Database Communications

Real estate continues to be a relationship business.  And relationships depend on communications.

Make sure that EVERY person in your data base receives emails and updates on properties comparable to theirs and/or on properties that may be of interest to them.

You may already have drip campaigns set up within your database to help you initiate conversations and identify people who may be coming closer to buying/seller decisions.  If you don’t, do it now.

Also send personalized texts/emails regarding buying and selling opportunities on a regular basis.

Increase Your Farming Efforts

If you’re already farming two areas, double your farming efforts to four areas.

Consistent, repetitive farming efforts on a two per month basis could very well increase your listings as well as your deals.

Remember that you have market information that buyers and sellers need and want.  Communicate that market information consistently and regularly with clear, accurate, engaging words and graphics.

Videos Matter More Than Ever

All social media platforms are increasing their efforts to highlight videos and behind the scenes algorithms that increase traffic for videos.  Take advantage of these efforts by creating more videos that highlight your listings.

Think videos that highlight a great kitchen, a walkthrough, a coming-soon listing, an update on the real estate market, a quick interview with a local school principal, etc.  Whatever is “noteworthy” about your listing, video it.

Increase Your Testimonials

Bet on the reality that some 88% of prospective buyers and sellers, some 88% of them, will research you before they actually contact you.

A great way to “serve” information about you to prospective clients is through your client testimonials.  Gather quotes and create graphics that highlight their testimonials about  you.

Save More Money than You’ve Ever Saved

We all know that this current sizzling hot market is time limited.  In other words, nothing lasts forever.

Be prepared for market fluctuations by saving money, as much as you can, so you can thrive if/when other agents are cash strapped.


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