We are on the road in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.  Our thoughts from the road as well as discussion of a fascinating article by entrepreneur and investor Sean Iddings.  “EXPI has all of the 6 core attributes that create win-win, additive-sum games.”

Other brokers fail horribly. It’s no surprise that those agents are in a dog-eat-dog, zero-sum game. It’s hard to win when everyone is against each other.

The great thing with win-wins is that partners go all-in, the relationships are enduring and competitors DO NOT understand it.  

“I feel EXPI has that rare combination of great economics, run by high quality, incentivized owner-operators (emphasis on plural), has defensible characteristics, high consistent growth with an absolutely monumental runway for growth. And investors are totally overlooking the opportunity. EXPI is trading for a pittance of where I think it will be in a decade’s time.”


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