Condos selling at premium for first time in 9 years. Typical condo selling in record 22 days.

Condominiums Start to Percolate in June

After its pandemic-infused sales slump, condominiums are making a play.  During June 2021, the typical condo sold in a record 22 days for +0.7% above its asking price following a premium of +0.4% in May.

The months of May and June were the two times since 2012 that condos sold above their asking prices.  A record 42% of condos sold above asking, more than double the 18.6% share in June 2020 and 20.2% share in June 2019.

The national median sale price for condominiums jumped a record +20.3% in June y/y to a record high of $304,000.

Redfin’s chief economist Daryl Fairweather said, “Many buyers who have been priced out of the market for single-family homes have turned to condos.  Earlier in the pandemic, many buyers shunned small condos in favor of large detached homes with space for offices and homeschooling.  But now that many Americans are vaccinated and some are returning to the workplace, extra space isn’t as necessary and the benefits of shared amenities like a gym or a pool are more attractive.  And the biggest benefit of condo living is the more affordable price.”

Condos Sell at Fastest Pace Ever in June

The typical condo sold for $304,000 in June and it sold within 22 days, an all-time record.  Last year, DOM for condos came in at 43 days and then 36 days on the market in June 2019, a better comparison because of the skewed pandemic market in 2020.

Sales Volume Up Significantly for Condos in June 2021

Again according to Redfin, seasonally adjusted condo sales jumped +59.7% y/y.

Pending sales of condos increased +38.2% y/y.

Overall Condo Inventory Down But New Condo Listings Up

The overall supply of condominiums in June 2021 was down -18% y/y.  Simultaneously, new listings of condos rose +7.6%.  This disparity indicated that demand for condominiums is high and that they’re selling quickly.

Condo Market Summary for June 2021


June 2021                  Y/Y change

Average Premium                      +0.7%                       +2.8 points

Median Sale Price                      $304,000                   +20.3%

Condos Sold                                72,058                     +59.7%

Pending Sales                              64,668                      +38.2%

New Listings                               77,364                        +7.6%

All For-Sale Condos                    198,954                      -18%

Median DOM                              22                                -21

Months of Supply                       1.4                              -1.8

Share of Condos                         41.8%                       23.2 points       Sold Above List

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