Homeowners and potential homebuyers are paying particular attention to outdoor living spaces. Why? Relaxing on a hammock under a shade tree, playing Marco Polo in the pool with your kids, enjoying barbequed ribs and corn are fun.

Outdoor living spaces halve to have all the toys, tools and visuals to make that fun possible. Houzz magazine tells us that 88% of people who take on landscaping upgrades also upgrade their outdoor “elements” such as furniture and heating features to enhance and maximize their outdoor living time.

Along with extensive landscaping upgrades, people also include adding pools, patios, walls and fire pits to maximize their fun outside.

Here are the top bucket list ”outdoor” amenities for Houzz readers:

59% – TVs

43% – lounge furniture

42% – wireless speakers

40% – fire pits

35% – string lights

34% – dining furniture

27% – benches

15% – ceiling fans

14% – rugs

11% – wired charging hubs

Houzz readers also want to make their outdoor spaces more

private. Tiered landscaping, mini pergolas, decoratively featured walls and blinds are the usual ways to keep uninvited guests out of their outdoor living spaces while keeping their invited guests, family and friends in.

The majority, 56% of Houzz readers, spend +$10,000 to upgrade their outdoor living spaces while almost a third manage to spend less than $5,000 one year at a time until they have all their outdoor bucket list items and projects completed.

Houzz recommends that the look, feel and flow of the outdoor living spaces be “consistent” with indoor living spaces to encourage family and friends to move back and forth from inside and outside the home seamlessly.

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