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In today’s dynamic real estate landscape, success hinges on adapting to transitioning markets and new practices, deciphering complex pricing structures, and effectively managing heightened competition. At the core of this challenge lies the imperative to prioritize listings—the cornerstone of longevity in the industry. Let’s explore how to leverage your network and strategize to ensure you always have listings.  You have to list to last!

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Remember that listings create more business; buyers do not.  A great listing can generate several new buyer clients and at least one additional listing in the same or nearby neighborhood.  This is why listings will always be your most valuable asset, and replacing them quickly as they sell is a skill of utmost importance.

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How Can You Generate More Listings Consistently?

Harnessing the Power of Your Network:

Your most valuable listings often stem from your existing network of past clients and friends. Their trust and familiarity with you can lead to fruitful transactions and referrals. Cultivating these relationships is paramount for sustained success.  

-How often do you speak to them voice to voice or in person?

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-What is your regular communication system?  Do you prefer pop-by’s, calls, lunches, or coffee dates?  -Are you relying on automated ‘drip systems’? -What kind of results are you getting?

-If you have 200 people in your database and you have five conversations every workday for two months, you’ll have spoken to 100% of your past clients and centers of influence. What would your business look like if you got serious about those contacts?

By nurturing these connections, you can expect a significant portion—up to 10% or more—of your network to either conduct business with you or refer others to your services annually. This translates to substantial growth potential for your business. 10% of a 20-person database is 20 transactions. 20 deals x $10,000, average net is $200,000. That’s what it’s costing you if you don’t get serious about consistently contacting your past clients.

The 3 x 4 Challenge:

Embrace the “3 x 4 Challenge” to expand your network systematically. Dedicate yourself to three weekly meet-ups for four weeks, leveraging platforms like and local Facebook Groups to explore your interests or reconnect with familiar activities. Prioritize authenticity, allowing genuine connections to evolve organically into real estate discussions.

A sample weekly schedule could look like this: two times at Orange Theory or Crossfit, one coffee with a past client, one book club meeting, and a pickleball game. Do this weekly, with at least three meetups per week for four weeks in a row. None of this counts if you don’t use your F-O-R-D script! (Refer to our podcasts and coaching for more!)

Strategic Expansion of Your Sphere:

If 200 contacts equal 20 transactions, then 300 will create 30, and so on.  

Expand your sphere strategically across three key categories:

a) Pursue activities you genuinely enjoy, such as hobbies, sports, or fitness classes, that naturally connect you with like-minded individuals.

b) Engage in business networking opportunities, including groups like BNI, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and Toastmasters, fostering relationships with professionals across various industries.

c) Participate in charitable events and community initiatives, supporting causes that resonate with you and align with the interests of your network. You can attend or contribute to events organized by individuals within your database, demonstrating your commitment to community involvement. 

Bonus: Client Appreciation Events:

Consider hosting your client appreciation events throughout the year. Premier Coaching offers a comprehensive 12-month system for planning large-scale and intimate gatherings, reinforcing your relationships with past clients, and further solidifying your presence in the community.

By implementing these strategies, you can expand your sphere of influence, enhance client relationships, and position yourself for sustained success in the competitive real estate market.

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