It’s the story of every agent.  They try to do EVERYTHING at once.  After all, if five actions is great, then isn’t ten even better?  Not necessarily, and especially not if they’re done without excellence, or consistency.  This usually leads to one day of doing ten things and then the next day doing one.  The result?  A lot of up and downs in income…flush with cash one month and bone dry the next.

How do the Superstars do it? What’s their secret?  They have daily minimum standards. Daily minimum standards are those three to five critical things that an agent does every single day that they know will make them money, no matter what!

Here’s the catch.  They don’t develop overnight.  They are something that are built over time and are done in phases and constantly working on.  In actuality, we have daily minimum standards in all areas of our lives, we just don’t think that hard about them.  Do you brush your teeth every day?  That’s a daily minimum standard!  In real estate, you have to focus in on incoming producing activities.

The power of having daily minimum standards in your business is that its no longer dependent on your mood.  You don’t have think “Gee, I don’t feel like doing this” because it becomes part of what you do.  Once you begin to see the results of doing these things, how you feel won’t even matter anymore.

So, what are some of the daily minimum standards that agents should have?

  1. Show up at your office at the same time every day.  This sounds easy enough, but how many times have you hit the snooze button instead of getting out of bed?  How often have you slept in because you didn’t have an appointment to go to?  Realize that you DO have an appointment everyday – its called WORK!  This one is easy, but critical because if you can’t get up and show up at the same time every day, the rest of your day will never stay on track.

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