You’ve made the decision to be a powerful prospecting machine, Congratulations!  Are you really ready, though? When you look around your office, what do you see?  Efficient and effective prospecting time only happens in the proper environment.  If there’s papers strewn everywhere, you can’t find your scripts, don’t have your database ready and your phone is about to die, then its time to get your surroundings into shape!

We continue our series today on creating the perfect prospecting environment. Don’t forget the cornerstone to a successful prospecting session:  Proper Previous Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance!  And after our incredible interview yesterday with Jeb Blount (author of Fanatical Prospecting), you should be ready to take action!

We still want to see your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of your prospecting space, so make sure to send those to or

Here’s our final 6 points on how to shore up your lead generation station:

5. Place a mirror in front of you!  What?  Yes, we’re serious.  Do you project energy and enthusiasm or do you have the expression of someone getting a root canal?  People can read your energy through the phone, so SMILE, you’re on prospecting camera!

6. Listing inventory white board goal with BLANK spots for your future listings to be filled in!  Want to really motivate yourself?  Make it your mission to fill up that board!

7.  Mojo dialer ready!  We love Mojo Sells and if you’re looking for a way to breeze through those dials, this is the way to go!

8. Past Client Database ready.  This should be one of your strongest spokes, so have those good as gold numbers ready to dial.

9. MLS available to look up information.  Don’t be caught unable to answer a prospects question about a home they saw online.  Be ready with this window up, but make sure your social media apps are CLOSED!

10. Motivational quotes, music, whatever it takes to keep your enthusiasm high!

The secret to a powerful prospecting time is focus on setting appointments, not making contacts.  Try that powerful prospecting concept of 15 minute blocked time that Jeb Blount talked about in his interview with us and listen to the rest of this series to get all the details on these tips.

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