How To Make Your CRM Into MONEY PRINTING MACHINE! (Part 2)

You know you need to communicate regularly and systematically with your Past Clients and your Sphere of Influence, but how do you go about it? Today, we’ll help you sketch out your plan so you can polish it further once you’re a Premier Coaching client.

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1. CALL your database regularly. Your ideal daily schedule (created by you when you follow the Real Estate Treasure Map) calls for adding a daily number of contacts to your database. Five per day is easily accomplished, so start there and do more if possible!

2. Make it a Daily Standard.  Take the total number of people in your database and divide by 20.  This tells you how many you should call per day in order to make contact with everyone every month.  20 is the number of business days in each 30-day period.  If that number is too big, then divide by 40 or 60 so you can contact everyone every 60 or 90 days.  You can contact using the auto dialer or simply call your database until you make the required contacts daily on your own.

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3. Use KV Core plus ‘Making it Rain’ if you have it, Follow Up Boss, or Contactually to email your database regularly. None of these are expensive, and when you’re with EXP, you get KVCore for free. We said electronic communication is unreliable and should never be your only means of communication, so remember this is in addition to calling, not instead of calling!

4. Send specific videos to your database emails.  This can range from market report videos to just listed, just sold, or ‘wanted’… your home for my motivated buyers.  The list is endless. We have done many podcasts for you on this topic.

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5. Use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media as a supplement, not as a spoke.  Friend your past clients; be supportive but not stalker-y.  Remember, this is a support item, not a stand-alone spoke.

6. Decide which client appreciation events you will commit to and perfect.  Decide if these will be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  More on that coming up!  This will be on tomorrow’s podcast and is included in Premier Coaching.

7. Learn and use the F-O-R-D memory jogger for your conversations… Family / Occupation / Recreation / Dreams.  These topics frame your conversations and make it much easier for you to ask for business in a natural, conversational manner.  It keeps your ego at bay and makes the discussion all about them.  Real estate will come up on its own, and you’ll always remember to ask: ‘Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling real estate?’

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