How to make your CRM into a Money Machine (Actual Plan)

Your Monthly, Quarterly, or Seasonal Center of Influence and Past Client Suggested Event Schedule…

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Note: There are several categories of events: events you create, promote, and manage yourself, events that you can sponsor, which are created by others, and smaller get-togethers with select groups from your list.

  1. January:  Happy New Year Party –or- a How To Winterize Your Home video message.  If you’re having a blizzard where you live, make a video about preparedness, emergency systems, where to get the best snowblower, etc. 

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  2. February:  Use Red Hot candies for a pop-by gift, ‘It might be cold outside, but the market is red hot!’  Or ‘I love referral business!’  Using heart candy or heart candles. You can use these for doorknocking, lead follow-up, open house giveaways, and at the closing table.  Bring them to new build reps and ask for their resale referrals.
  3. Spring:  Tax time, free CMAs, and closing statements to last year’s clients. You can do one video email offering an updated market analysis and follow up with phone contact.
  4. Spring: ‘Buy or Sell With me / Adopt A Pet For Free’ promotion.  Work with your ASPCA or local shelter for a specific format. They often promote this to you with press releases or events like PetSmart adoption days.  Promote your event via video sent to your database, individual phone calls to invite your people, and of course, post on social media.  Note: Press releases are easy to get published. This is the type of event that gets a lot of media attention. 

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  5. May:  Memorial Day Parades, especially if you’re in a military or historic town.  Participate in existing parades, and give out candy water bottles or American flags.  Create a Facebook live session or a video about VA loans and how they work.  Doorknock your neighborhood and doorknock prior to your open houses with red, white, and blue candy and flags.
  6. June: Paper ‘n Pancakes Paper Shredding Party! Rent a shredding truck and a pancake food truck and host a shredding party at your office or at an events center or clubhouse. This has a surprising turnout and doesn’t cost much!
  7. Summer Tornado / Hurricane / Fire season.  After a disaster, host a donation drive. You can do this doorknocking, or ask people to drop donations at your office or home office.  Get good press for this through your local papers and TV stations.
  8. Summer / Fall:  Work with the American Red Cross for a blood drive. They’ll bring the BloodMobile to your location and even prospect for you so you have maximum turnout.
  9. Fall / October:  Pumpkin-fest!!  Host at your home, clubhouse, school, library, or recreation center.   Buy your pumpkins wholesale in September and invite your neighborhood, your clubs, your community, your past clients, centers of influence, etc. This is always a very popular event!  Get apple cider or partner with your local coffee house to cater the event.  Think about who in your database has a bakery, coffee shop or other business that you can support.
  10. November / Thanksgiving: Host a Thanksgiving Food Drive. You can promote this on your website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. Submit press releases to your local media. Partner with an existing food pantry or church to get additional support and press.  You can also have a ‘Friendsgiving’ event at your home or a restaurant.  Ask your local elementary school, churches or synagogues for families in need and sponsor them with a surprise Turkey Dinner.
  11. December / Christmas: Holiday Toy Drive – Partner with your Police or Fire Departments for toy pick up, or have your past clients and sphere contacts drop off toys at your home or office.  Send thank you cards, highlight them on Facebook, have your local paper do a feature story, etc.
  12. The Wrapping Paper Project: This is one of the most popular projects for our coaching clients and many listings have resulted!  ‘Don’t get wrapped up with the wrong real estate agent’ goes on the card you attach to a simple roll of wrapping paper.  Add gift stickers wrapped with a ribbon and ‘stick with me for all of your real estate needs!’  Add a candy cane and you’re all set to deliver to your neighborhood, your farm, use in open houses, drop to past clients as a pop-by, etc.  Take them to Expireds and For Sale By Owners! 

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  13. Send your holiday cards early. Be the first to send yours. Consider Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas to avoid being caught in all the holiday mail in December.  Rent a picture booth or hire a photographer to shoot holiday card photos for people in your database. This usually has a huge turnout.
  14. Play the YES game when anyone invites you to their 4th quarter parties and events.  This means you say YES to everything, even if you might not feel like going.

FACT:  You must make more contact, more frequently than you think, to get the results you desire for this spoke!   ALWAYS Ask ‘Who do you know who could use my help buying, selling, or investing in real estate?’

FACT: When you DO make more contact consistently, you’ll get more and more every year that you’re consistent.  Remember that your friends and clients have their OWN centers of influence for you to work with!

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