Agents, This Is Your Daily Success Schedule

What do all successful Realtors have in common?  They don’t just HAVE a schedule, they actually follow it, but it’s not what you think.  It’s not a matter of scheduling every minute with a task or grinding out relentless cold calls.

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The daily success schedule of top-producing agents is all about having daily minimum standards related directly to profit and being relentless about them.  Today we’ll show you what they do, so you can follow the same plan and find success faster!

1.     Use and update your Visual Accountability White Boards every day.  You should be tracking all of the following, based on your goals:  (Use the Real Estate Treasure Map).

-Leads.    -Active Listings.   -Buyers.     -Pending closings.    -Closed transactions.

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2.     Review your finances every day.  Use as your ‘dashboard’ of Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.  Your savings, checking, credit cards, investment accounts, investment properties, and everything else financial is visible using This includes your credit scores as well as your upcoming bills and actual budget.

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3.     Make contact (a conversation with a decision-making adult about real estate) with at least the same number of people as transactions you must do this year.  If you must close 20 transactions to meet or exceed your goals this year, you must make 20 actual contacts daily to meet that goal.  Adjust as your skills increase.  Focus on people who are most likely to sell.  Example:  Existing listing leads you just need to close on, expireds, for sale by owners, probate, relocation, past clients and referrals.  Just listed and Just Sold calls don’t count unless they are directly around your own listing(s).

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4.     Furiously fast lead follow-up on 100% of your leads, 100% of the time, no exceptions or excuses.  If you’re a Premier Coaching member, review 18 Relentless Lead Follow-Up Rules.

5.     Show gratitude overtly to those you care about.  Start your day out right saying I love you and giving hugs and kisses.  Then write and send at least 3 thank you or congratulations cards to past clients or people in your sphere of influence.  Use social media for ideas about who got a promotion or had a kid get married or graduate.  

6.     Set a new, prequalified appointment before noon every work day, ideally with sellers.  When you’re doing #4 (Furiously Fast Lead Follow-Up), this will be much easier to achieve.  If you don’t have enough leads to set appointments regularly, go back to #3 on this plan.

7.     Doorknock or call at least one Unrepresented Seller (FSBO) each day.  You sell real estate for a living.  They have a home to sell.  Their phone number is on their sign!

8.     Doorknock or call at least one Expired seller listing per day with your pre-listing package.  The best Expireds relist right away and almost always sell right away with a fresh approach, repositioning of price, and upgraded staging or correction of negative feedback. Refer to our many podcasts about Expired listings and if you’re a Premier Coaching member, find your Expired script and get to work!

9.     Speak with all pending clients with transaction updates every other day or as necessary based on your deadlines.  Don’t be ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  If you have a transaction coordinator, be sure they are on top of all your pending files.  Even with a TC, you should be speaking with your pending clients at least once per week.

10.     Spend at least 1 hour working out, going on a walk or taking a class at a fitness center.  Group exercise is better for your business, expanding your Center of Influence.

11.     Meet 3 new people on purpose and talk about real estate.  Use to find new organizations and meetings to join.  Focus on 3 different areas: 

-Hobbies and interests

-Business networking

-Charitable organizations

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