4 Health and fitness fails.  How long are you going to wait to get in shape?  Does it take a health scare to get you into action?  78% of patients hospitalized with Covid are overweight.  Most who die had cardiovascular disease or hypertension before they got C19.  Start today to turn that ship around.  Working out at Orange Theory, Cross Fit, Zumba, etc, is not just good for you but will grow your business.  Learn the F-O-R-D script!

5 Relying on the Three B’s of BS for your success. Building a team, buying business or building your brand.  None of these is related to your success.  Stop looking for external reasons and take ownership of your trajectory.  Learn to pro-actively lead generate, or you will never be in control of your potential!

6 Allowing a failure, string of failures or bad month to become your ‘theme song’ versus just saying ‘next’ and moving on.  ‘It’s too soon to tell’ is better than making your temporary failure into an adult failure spiral.

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