Tim and Julie Harris challenge you to think bigger in today’s podcast!

10x your thinking.

If you can pay your bills on 1 deal every month, think what you could do with 5 per month; with 10? Why CAN’T you do that? Make your list and see if those excuses are actually true or not.

  • What do I believe?
  • Is that belief absolutely true?
  • Who am I / how am I behaving because I believe this?
  • Who would I be if it weren’t true? How would I act differently?

Stop nerfing up your life; stop fighting to be comfortable. Complacency should not be the goal.

  • Dodge ball versus nerf ball…one makes you more tough!
  • How many times are you putting yourself in the position to hear ‘no’ every day?
  • How do you process hearing ‘no’?  Is it just ‘not right now’, or are you mortally wounded when you hear no?

The bigger the goals you set, the fewer distractions you can allow yourself to have.

  • Elon Musk selling his Iron Man house plans so he can instead use his brain power to build rockets.

Accept the fact that everything in life that’s worth doing, being, having in life will take longer than you want it to.

“I’ve never met a rich skeptic.” (Tim Harris) Don’t let your naturally skeptical nature be your undoing.  Look for reasons you can succeed versus justifying your failure.

Complacency. Always be loading new software. 98% of your thoughts happened yesterday at the same time.  That doesn’t leave room for new thoughts.

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