Tim and Julie Harris help you systematically get out of your own way and gain control over your mind first, then your business!

Get more sleep! Listen to our podcast about sleep. You’re more likely to wreck your car from lack of sleep than you are from alcohol.

-Book:  Why we sleep: Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams (Dr Matthew Walker)

Cut the booze, limit the caffeine. Cut back or eliminate entirely. Are you constantly modifying to be up or down? See next point:

Add water! Studies have shown you often feel exhausted or depressed when you’re actually just dehydrated! Consider using ‘Hydration Multiplier’ powder from Costco or Amazon.

Exercise.  Do it regularly and do it socially. It’s good for your body AND your business.  Consider Orange Theory Fitness, a regular Yoga or Pilates class, spin class, boot camp, organized hikes, etc.  Hire a trainer who knows everyone and expand your Center of Influence while you work out!

Make a list of 10 short term easy to accomplish goals. Get your hair cut, get new glasses, have coffee with your best friend, go to MeetUp.com and try out 3 new events.

Brain dump every evening before you go to bed. Keep a legal pad nearby and make this a habit. Get everything out of your head and prioritize what’s mission critical versus just a bunch of clutter and worry.

Complete your Real Estate Treasure Map  and know your Magic Number. That gives you a sense of control in a business which is constantly trying to control you. Then actually achieve the Magic Number.

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