Ever been to a listing appointment where the seller claimed the home was ‘updated recently’?  When you got there you realized that to them this means round about 1986…or even 1966?  It’s because that was their ERA.

Fact: People get STUCK! Sometimes they stay stuck. Forever. Don’t let this happen!

How do you know if this is YOU? What can you do about it?

Start with some introspection:

1 When was your era? High school? College? Your previous career? Before or after kids? Raising your kids? When? Why?

2 What did u look n feel like during those ‘best of times’? Were you in better shape? Were you on schedule, focused, following one course?

3 Who chose for that era to happen when it did end for you?

4 Who chose for it to stop? You or someone else? Did it just sort of come to an end? Did you become complacent?

5 Why did u choose for it to stop? On some level, consciously or not, you did choose.

Now it’s time for the ACTION…

1 What can you do NOW to re-create, get in touch with, update, upgrade the best YOU that you can be?

2 Start simple: when do you feel best in the week and during the day? Are you taking advantage of your ‘natural’ energy spurts?

3 Begin a new beginning with simple habits which support your goals. Following a basic morning schedule which includes a regular start time, regular exercise, urgent lead follow up and a media free morning.

4 Commit to perfecting one to two ‘spokes’ of lead generation until they are predictable and duplicatable.

5 Decide to finally become the kick ass listing agent that you know you can be. Get the skills necessary to maintain your ‘Magic Number’.

6 Commit to NOW being your NEW BEST ERA. Revisit the goals in your Treasure Map. Paint a picture of what you want, outline what you DON’T want, and put action steps in place to achieve the best you you can be. Don’t settle for your last era being your best era.

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