I felt like that about my run this morning. It’s cold and cloudy and it looks like rain. Today would be my 3rd run this week so I had to get it in. I laced up my shoes, drank some mushroom coffee, and started walking.

I hate running in the rain so I quickly started jogging. Still I felt cold and wasn’t really into it. I put on a recent Tim & Julie Harris podcast and figured I would at least listen to something productive. Felt a little rain drop which motivated me to move a little faster because again, I hate running in the rain. Tired as hell I convinced myself I could run to the stop sign, and then the tree, and then the fire hydrant.

I have a rule that I must run across the street. So I ran across and then convinced myself that I could run to the next tree and then I ran to the new for sale sign in my neighborhood. Nope it wasn’t my sign and I didn’t even know they wanted to sell.

I finally hit the 1 mile mark and I’m upset that there’s a new listing in my neighborhood and it’s not mine. Made a mental note to come door knocking and to send out my newsletter.

Tired as hell I had to stop and remember to breathe. Felt another rain drop and I was like “Hell no, I’m not getting caught in this rain”, so I ran to the gas station, then the corner, then the truck in front of a new restaurant/bar. I know it’s too early to get a margarita so I made a mental note to come back this evening with my hubby and have one and also write a blog post for this really cool looking restaurant. It is Cinco de Mayo after all a margarita seems fitting.

I finally see the hospital parking lot which means that my house is around the corner. So again I ran to the huge pot hole, and the god awful orange and blue house and then the to stop sign. When I finally made it to the corner I forgot about the huge hill before getting to my house.

At this point I’m so tired that I’m considering running to the next block just so I could avoid this damn hill. My daughter sees me at the bottom of the hill and she comes out to the driveway and yells “Mom hurry up. what are waiting for? I’m going to be late for school. Cmon. Here’s some water for you.” So I ran up. I needed that bottle of water. I made it. I finished 2 miles in 29mins. I run as fast as a turtle running through mud but I didn’t get soaked and I beat the rain because I hate running in the rain.

And the podcast ends with Julie Harris saying the key is to “do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, and do it at the highest level”. It put a smile on my face because I finally understood what she was trying to tell me all along. Long story short, print your script, dial the first number and read. You are as ready as you’re going to be. Stop letting your ego dictate what you can or can’t do.

Cynthia from Massachusetts

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