Key Highlights

  • WalletHub survey ranks best and worst states for remote working
  • Separate categories of work and living environments considered

Changing Attitudes Around Remote Work

Pre-pandemic, according to a Pew Research Center survey, just 20% of workers with jobs that could be done remotely did, in reality, do just that…work from home.

Today, 71% of workers with remote-possible jobs are working from home. Many of these remote workers, more than 50% of them, want to continue working from home even if/when working in an office is possible.

Employers Adapting Too

Employers are adapting their scheduling formats on the how, when, and where of work now that remote work is a continuing reality.  Many employers are “relaxing” their respective in-office requirements.  Some are creating hybrid and/or rotational working situations that swap 50% of employees in- and 50% out-of-office for three or four days at a time.  Some employers are/have already created full-time remote and/or full-time in-office options.

WalletHub Survey on Remote Working and Living Categories

WalletHub, an online provider of financial services, just released results from its survey about how states are accommodating remote workers.

WalletHub asked remote workers in all 50 states and Washington DC about the two aspects of working remotely…1) the work category – share of remote workers pre-pandemic, high-speed internet access, and cyber-security risks and 2) the at-home or living environment category.

The at-home or living environment category included:

  • Electricity and internet costs
  • Lot and home sizes
  • Household space per occupant
  • Detached or attached housing

The “work “and “living” categories were scored separately and then totaled together to get to a final ranking score.

Some states did great in one category, such as Colorado’s #1 ranking in “work”, and terrible in another, Colorado came in 47th in the “living” category, and came in 12th overall.

Obviously, this WalletHub survey isn’t perfect plus some workers have their own personal deal breakers regardless of elements within either category.  Still, this survey is a start as a reference point.

WalletHub’s Best Remote Working State

State                                    “Working”     “Living

  1. Delaware                                       4                22

2. North Carolina                                8                12

3. Georgia                                          20                1

4. New Hampshire                               7                 44

5. Tennessee                                      12                 3

6.  Arizona                                          6                   24

7.  New Jersey                                    21                  17

8.  Texas                                             17                   2

9.  Utah                                               2                    29

10.  Oregon                                         10                   30

WalletHub’s  Worst Remote Working States

  1. West Virginia                                   37                      34

2.  Iowa                                              38                      46

3.  New Mexico                                     41                      3

4.  Wyoming                                         40                      37

5.  Montana                                         46                      25

6.  Arkansas                                         47                      18

7.  Mississippi                                       48                      7

8.  North Dakota                                   51                      14

9.  Hawaii                                             45                      51

10. Alaska                                             50                      49


Thanks to WalletHub and The New York Times.

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