Determine your top three lead generation sources that produce the most closed deals…focus the majority of your efforts and marketing on those sources.

Lead Generation Activities = Name of the Game in Real Estate

It’s simple…no leads, no deals, right?  That’s why companies such as Zillow and other internet outfits sell leads to agents.  That’s why agents buy leads from whomever and whatever.

Just to underline the reality of the real estate business…no leads, no deals.

The cold, hard fact is that it’s up to you to generate your own leads.  (Chances are that one of the reasons you decided to become a client of Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching was to learn how to generate your own leads without knowing that you’d learn 12,000 other things as a Harris client that help you become a super successful, productive agent.)

Want to End Your Year with a Bang?

Now that you’ve learned the skills to generate your own leads, figure out which lead generation activities and strategies produce the most closed deals for your real estate business.

To help you pinpoint your lead generation sources that produce the most closed deals for you, here is chart from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that lists purchasing buyer sources

All Buyers   22-30   31-40   41-55  56-65     65+

Internet  51%        61%     60%    54%    46%     35%

Agent     28%        24%      23%   26%    32%     35%

House Sign  7%      5%       5%     6%       8%      8%

Friend/Relative  6%  5%      5%     5%       6%     6%

Home Builder 5%     2%      4%     6%       5%     7%

Sellers        3%      2%       2%      2%       3%     2%

News/Mag Ad 0     0            0         0          0     1%

This above cause-and-effect NAR data could not be more clear.  Leads generated via the internet (websites, tweets, blogs, video tours, ads, etc.) and the real estate agent themselves (calling, door knocking, social media, emailing, website, blogs, video tours, internet ads, workshops, etc.) produced the most closed sales.

Target Lead Generation Activities, Marketing Efforts & Dollars

Now that you’ve focused in on the lead generation sources that stimulate the most closed sales for you, it’s up to you to target your lead generation activities, marketing efforts and dollars to your carefully selected potential buyers and sellers.

Keep in mind that according to the 2020 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers, 67% of buyers and 77% of sellers chose to work with the first agent they met face-to-face or on Zoom.

Thanks to the National Association of REALTORS® and Inman.






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