Exclusive interview with Orlando Montiel, our friend and fellow coach, the most dominant Hispanic coach in the world. Tim Harris interviews the CEO of C5 Global, Host of The Miami Real Estate Show, live in Miami, Florida.

All the big questions are asked in this powerful interview.  This one will really make you think and make some serious decisions.

Orlando and Tim discuss in detail how to progress through the 4 stages of being a real estate salesperson…what’s your next natural step?

What’s the difference between profit share and revenue share? Do you truly understand the difference?  How are you personally affected by this?

Orlando’s organization…C5 It’s a movement: What are the 5 C’s?

Compensation: Do you have a compensation package?  Competitive split?…how much does your broker pay you? Stock? Revenue share?

Coaching: How do you maximize your compensation package?  Are you actually trained as a professional sales person as well as a business person?   Do you know how to generate leads, convert those leads and build a team?

Centralization of Systems.  CRMS, automation and technology.  Are you having to cobble together your own systems or does your broker have you covered?

Community: Are you surrounded by people who support and nurture you, who motivate you, or are you out in the wilds of real estate all by yourself?

Compromiso: (Commitment).  Are you committed to your own success?  Who else is committed to your success?

C5 is an astonishing organization.  Changing lives, making real estate fun and profitable again!


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